Flat Roofing Calgary: Common Problems With Commercial Roofs

Flat roofs are appealing in many ways. They are aesthetically pleasing, can be an interesting architectural choice, are often energy efficient, and tend to be less complicated to build. However, if you have chosen to go with this style for your commercial building or home, there are some items you should remain aware of. Our team has put together a list of the most common problems you find with flat roofing Calgary.

On commercial buildings, flat roofs tend to be the norm as they are more cost-efficient. That being said, you must know that these roof types tend to require a strict maintenance routine and a watchful eye.

Moisture Build-up

One of the most common problems we see with commercial flat roofs is long lasting moisture buildup, which eventually can lead to leaks. Just like any roofing system, prolonged moisture can lead to leaks; however, with a slanted system the moisture will roll down to the gutters and be taken away from the house. With a flat roof, the water has nowhere to go but down, seeping into the ceiling and causing an overgrowth of mold, no one wants that.

This problem has a fairly easy solution. Routine inspections can spot these areas and a proactive maintenance program can get these areas fixed before they turn into a larger issue.

Flat Roofing Calgary


Pooling or ponding is classified as unwanted water that has been standing for over 48 hours. After a big rain storm, the water should dissipate off of your roof decently quickly. Unlike sloped roofs that can have the water easily run off, ponding does occasionally happen on a flat roofing system, especially when the drainage system is blocked.

One of the biggest threats posed by ponding is the sheer weight of all that water resting on your roof for too long. It may not seem like much, but even a single inch of pooling water can put excessive weight on your building which can render it unsafe.

Moving Membrane

A common problem seen by flat roofing Calgary companies is the membrane moving and buckling. The majority of commercial roofs are constructed similarly to your shingled roof at home, only with a flat roof the watertight membrane laid across the building in one solid piece of material. Over time your building will shift and settle. A little bit of movement in your building is fairly normal, but if your property moves quite a bit over time, the membrane can buckle.

The solution to this problem is not as easy as most. Unfortunately, if your membrane has buckled that means it has reached the end of its life and it is time for a completely new flat roof. Leaving this problem for long could lead to major problems down the road, even rendering the building unsafe to work or live in.

Faulty Installation

We hate to say it, but the number one reason why the experienced commercial roofing team from United Roofing gets called out to assess and fix problems on flat roofs is poorly installed systems. Incorrectly placed drainage, low-quality materials, and cut corners are all likely to result in problems with your roof.

The solution to this one is as easy as calling United Roofing for all your flat roofing Calgary needs. We do it all, from new builds to repairs and replacements! Our experienced customer service agents can answer any questions you may have and schedule you an appointment to get a quote. Give us a call today, we’ve got you covered!

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