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United Roofing is a roofing company with proud Alberta roots. We have been specializing in commercial roofing and residential roofing for 10 years. It doesn’t matter the size, scale or complexity of the job, our experienced team of Edmonton roofers can get the job done on-time and on-budget.

There is nothing like the feeling of having your roof installation needs taken care of by the reputable team from United Roofing – especially when having to deal with prairie weather. Being situated in the prairies has its benefits, but when it comes to your roof, the elements are not kind. The Intense hard winters and ice cold winds have been known to wear down roofs over time; however, the new technologies used in roofing materials have improved dramatically in the last decade. As reputable roofing contractors in Edmonton, we work with the best manufacturers that create top-notch products known to withstand even Edmonton’s intense weather patterns.

With improved technology comes some great perks, like advanced workmanship and manufacturers warranties. When combing through roofing companies in Edmonton you won’t find many that have the same qualifications and licenses that the United Roofing team does. This means that we can offer our clients in Edmonton advanced manufacturer warranties on top of our already stellar workmanship warranty.

We know how expensive your heating bills can be in the winter months and how hard your AC unit works in the summer. You can give yourself a break and save a significant amount of money on your energy bills with a new roof. A roof installed by our licensed Edmonton roofers will make it much easier to stabilize the temperature in your home or office and give your HVAC system a much needed break.

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The more worn down your roof gets, the more headaches it will cause you. An old or improperly installed roof can leak and cause water damage that, if not fixed, can cause damage to your home or business. When left unchecked, a leaky roof will let in moisture, creating the perfect environment for mold and mildew to multiply. Why stress about the quality of your roof? Find reputable roofing contractors in Edmonton like United Roofing to keep unwanted moisture out of your building.

If you have ever considered selling your house, getting a quality roof put on by the highly trained Edmonton Roofers of United Roofing definitely has the potential to get you an impressive return on your investment. In terms of real estate, one of the biggest concerns for potential buyers is the shape of the roof. With an attractive new roof professionally installed on your home or commercial property, your curb appeal is significantly increased. Realtors have shown that up to 40% of your home’s curb appeal is actually tied straight to the roof – but only if it is done properly and with the right materials. A beautiful roof can make the sale of your home or commercial building happen so much faster.

United Roofing has a team of 50 highly trained and licensed roofers, which means we can offer 4-hour emergency services to our residential roofing and commercial roofing customers in Edmonton. When your roof gets old and worn out, it can leak and cause substantial water damage or even cause your home or commercial building to become unstable – if you have an emergency situation involving your roof, call our Edmonton roofers to come fix it for you!

Our team of roofing experts have extensive experience with new construction. From advising on the right roof-type and materials to nailing down schedules, we have new builds covered.

The team at United Roofing is highly trained and has experience working with building materials and roofs of all shapes and sizes, from asphalt shingles to metal we can do it all. We are also fully licensed, insured and compliant with WCB regulations and affordable roofing contractors in Edmonton – call our team to request a quote and get peace of mind knowing your roof is in the right hands.

For employment information, please email us at info@unitedroofing.ca