Calgary Roofing: Signs Your Roof Needs Immediate Attention

Your roof is such an integral part of your home, but all too often people set it and forget it. Your trusted old roof is just going to always do its job, keeping you warm and dry… until it doesn’t. People often don’t give their roof a moment’s thought until they have to call in a Calgary roofing company to help them.

Unfortunately, even a well-built roofing systems will start to degrade over time. With age and the challenges that come with our Southern Alberta climate, comes a slow deterioration. Of course, different systems will affect the timeline, but it will eventually happen. It’s not easy for people who aren’t in the commercial roofing industry to know the warning signs of that your roof is in dire need of professional help, that’s why we have made a quick list that can help you identify signs to look for.


Just like you don’t want to be going bald if your asphalt shingles are showing signs of balding it is also not a good sign. If your shingles are starting to go, you may be finding fine granules in your gutters. Like a snake, the asphalt roofing systems will start shedding their “skin” over time. If your roof is fairly new, you don’t have to be rushing to check your gutters, but balding is a good way to tell if your shingles are past their prime, leaving your roof vulnerable to worse issues down the road.


If your roof is leaking and allowing water to get into your home you have a big problem. Water is not the cause of the problem, but it is a neon flashing sign saying that your roof is sick and you need to get a Calgary roofing contractor in to perform CPR as soon as possible. If your roof is leaking it could be a sign of cracked shingles or broken flashings – things that require swift repair. It is not always easy to detect a leaking roof if you are getting dark spots on your ceiling you want to call an experienced contractor to investigate further for you.

Damaged Flashings

Flashings are the thin pieces of metal that are placed around joints and edges of your roof to prevent water, animals, and other bad news from getting into your roof. While they don’t cover nearly as much surface area as the rest of the roofing system, they play an integral role in the health of your roof and keep the weather resistant barrier, well, weather resistant.


If you ever notice your roof drooping it is not a good sign. It is a sign that your roof requires immediate attention. A sagging roof is a flashing red sign pointing out that structural issues are likely. There are two things that can cause your roof to droop, the deck and the foundation. Neither of these are good possibilities and require a trusted and experienced Calgary roofing contractor to come inspect it and determine the root of the problem.

All of these are signs that your roof requires some tender loving care but it doesn’t have to be a stressful time for you. Get in touch with the knowledgeable customer care representatives from United Roofing and we can take care of your roof for you, we’ve got you covered!

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