Dealing With Wind Damage

Fall has definitely descended upon us. The leaves are falling, the warm sweaters are coming out, and the air is turning crisp. Those strong northerly winds are starting to descend upon us and they are wreaking havoc on your roofing system. High winds can be a big concern for homeowners and Calgary roofing company alike.

We know what those brisk winds can start to wear away at even the best-installed roofs, so when aging or improperly maintained systems get hit with hail, frozen rain, and below-zero winds, it can actually cause some serious damage. Mother nature can tear shingles off, penetrate the membrane, and break flashings. That being said, short of moving somewhere that doesn’t get wind storms, they are going to happen and you should be armed with the knowledge of what to do after a big storm.


When the winds have considerably calmed down, you will want to perform both an internal and external inspection of your roofing system to determine if any damage has been done that requires immediate attention. Indoors you want to look for peeling paint and brown or yellow moisture marks along the ceiling and walls, check inside of your attic for signs of moisture coming in. For any external damage, you can do a quick visual once-over to spot any obvious signs of damage. You are looking for:

• Curling, damaged or missing shingles
• Buckling, torn or dented flashings
• Damaged bricks
• Leaning chimney
• Clogged or damaged ridge vents
• Patches, cracks or tears in a flat roof

If you noticed any of these signs you want to have a trusted Calgary roofing company complete a thorough inspection. Roofing contractors know both where to look and what to look for when inspecting a property – inexperienced homeowners should not attempt an inspection themselves. You won’t notice this right away, but if your energy bill suddenly spikes it is a good sign that your roofing system has been damaged and it is time to call for an inspection.

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If You Find Wind Damage…

So your inspection turned up signs that your roofing system has been impaired. Now what? It is important to keep a record of where the damage is and get it fixed as soon as possible. Repairing a damaged roof is significantly less costly than having to replace the entire system. Once your shingles are curling or missing it can quickly spread and cause other parts degrade.


If the damage to your roof is significant you may want to get pictures taken and get in touch with your home insurance company. Talk to your agent to find out if you should file a claim and what their process is to do so. Depending on the level of destruction, they will likely advise you to go ahead with emergency repairs to prevent any further deterioration.


Call the best Calgary roofing company around – United Roofing! There are a lot of roofing contractors out there that claim to be roofing “experts.” Trust the United Roofing team to not only complete an honest inspection of your home, but complete any necessary repairs needed on time and on budget. Get in touch with one of our customer care representatives to keep you covered!

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